CodeChef, HackerRank, CodeForces, TopCoder and HackerEarth are Competitive Programming Websites.

DataBread obtains a user's Rating from Major Competitive Programming sites. These Currently include CodeChef, Hackerrank, Codeforces, Topcoder and HackerEarth. The ratings are displayed in form of An aggregate of all the Ratings which the user currently has on these sites.

Since some user's might be more active on one site than the other, this might affect their ratings on the site where they are less active. So, to overcome this we only take in account the best of the user's ratings.

Different website ratings are given different weightage while calculating the final ratings. This is due to the fact that different websites have different difficulty levels and rating mechanism.

It saves you from checking each of your friends profile individually on every site. Simply find your friends or your rivals here and compare your ratings with theirs. It's always fun to code with friends.

The Ratings are Updated Everyday so You can be Sure That Your Ratings are Always Current. No Worries Here.