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Following are some FAQs, if you have any other queries then go to our Contact Page

Q1. How To Find Your Friends Profiles?

Sol. Their are two ways to do it :

a. Find Them Through our Search Page Here.
Simply Enter the Name of the person You wish to Search For and Find the Related Queries.

b. if you wish to find a Person who belongs to your Institution then Simply click On your Institution Name and It will be Filtered Accordingly.
Similary you can also click On Your Country name And View the Country Wise Leaderboard.

Q2. Added Incorrect Usernames!

Sol. Simply go to our Update Profile Link and enter the Account Usernames which you wish to update.

After you get a successfully Updated Message, check your profile on our Leaderboard. Changes will take affect immediately.
Now Breathe :)

Q3. My ratings on a website have increased, how to update them on DataBread Leaderboard?

Sol. You Don't have to do anything. Your ratings will be automatically updated in our Database.
Just make sure you added your correct usernames to your DataBread Profile.

Q4. This is great but how do I share it with friends?

Find Our Facebook Page Here,
and share with Friends.
You can also Follow us on Twitter Follow Databread

The larger the LeaderBoard, the more useful it gets.

Q5. Why aren't there any SPOJ ratings?

Sol. Since there are tons of blogs for SPOJ problems, I don't think that SPOJ ratings of all users are genuine!
Mean anyone can easily look up on the Internet for SPOJ problems and copy those solutions.

Also, there are tons of problems on SPOJ and anyone can easily gain points there by just doing the simple ones.

And yes you cannot skip the fact that there are no contest ratings on SPOJ, this makes SPOJ ratings quiete un-useful for this site.